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Statue of Liberty - The International Symbol of Freedom

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Print Dimensions: 15" x 26"


Showcasing one of the most well-known American monuments in the world, The Statue of Liberty print features intricate embossing detail and stunning foil work across the piece. The word "liberty" is foil stamped in matte silver across the top of the piece along with a passage from Ronald Reagan's Acceptance Speech at the 1984 Republican National Convention across the bottom of the print.

Materials & Design

- Showcases embossing on the Statue of Liberty

- Embossing die completely hand-carved into brass

- Features green, gold, matte silver, and brown foil stamping

Shipping & Returns

- Unframed prints available for international shipping

- All unframed prints are shipped through UPS within 1-3 business days of purchase

- Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. All questions and concerns regarding your order should be directed to [email protected]. Please include your name, order number, and request in the email.

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