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The Monument Collection

Developed over the past two decades, The Monument Collection showcases American monuments from United States history. We combined the traditional aspects of the monuments and the creative aspects of our specialty finishing processes to create these limited-edition pieces. While designing these pieces, we worked with local artists and monument curators to develop a unique, yet completely accurate, representation of each monument. The collection is currently made up of five prints including The Capitol Building, Iwo Jima, The American Flag, The Liberty Bell, and The Statue of Liberty.

Embossed Art Prints of The US Capitol Building


The most recent addition to the collection, the Capitol Building print was designed in 2019. This print showcases the United States Capitol Building using red, blue, silver, and copper foils in addition to world-class embossing on Fluorescent White Letter Press Finish Cover paper. Behind the Capitol Building is a representation of the Declaration of Independence and featured across the bottom of the print is the quote “One Country, One Constitution, One Destiny.” by Daniel Webster. This print has won awards for the intricate embossing detail including an FSEA Gold Leaf Award for “Best Use of Embossing”.

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Designed in 2003, the Iwo Jima print was designed to honor United States veterans and military personnel. This design is based off of the iconic “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima” photograph by Joe Rosenthal and features the word “honor” in matte silver foil. The print also contains blue, red, blue pearl, and gun metal foil on Fox River Select Cover paper. Some defining features of this piece include the names of wars fought by the Marine Corp foil stamped in the background of the print along with the Pledge of Allegiance featured across the bottom of the piece. This piece has won multiple awards both in the state of Indiana and on a national level.

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Iwo Jima Specialty Art Print Posters
American Flag Art Print Design


The American Flag print features a classic American icon in a new, modern way. Enhanced with red, blue, and matte silver foil stamping along with intricate embossing detail to show movement in the flag, the American Flag print is one of our most iconic pieces. The word “independence” is foil stamped in matte silver foil along with a passage from “The Star-Spangled Banner” foil stamped across the bottom of the print. This piece was designed in 2006 to showcase the independence that the flag represents.

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Symbolizing freedom in the United States, the Liberty Bell is the main focal point of this distinguished piece. Designed in 2005, the Liberty Bell print features matte silver, clear holographic, gun metal, and brown matte pigment foil along with extremely detailed embossing featured on the Liberty Bell. The word “freedom” is foil stamped across the top of this piece with the year “1776” foil stamped across the back of the print to symbolize America’s freedom. A passage from “My Country Tis of Thee” is highlighted across the bottom of the piece.

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Foil Stamped Prints of The Liberty Bell
Statue of Liberty Art Print


Created in 2001, The Statue of Liberty was the first print we ever designed using our specialty finishing processes. This print displays one of the most well-known and prominent monuments in American history. Using green, gold, matte silver, and brown foils on Whitestone Classic Cotton Cover paper, The Statue of Liberty is a statement piece that features a detailed embossing design on the statue. This print is the highest-awarded print in the collection, winning the FSEA Best of Show award in 2002.

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