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Our Story

Family-owned and locally-operated, Foiled lives within Baugh Graphic Finishing House in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our company has been perfecting the art of specialty finishing for over 35 years for clients all over the country. We strive to provide the best products and services for our clients, and pride ourselves in using the highest-quality materials available to maximize the value of our prints.

After offering our specialty finishing services to businesses for three generations, we wanted to expand the reach of our artwork to the public. With some creativity and collaboration – Foiled was born, and for the first time ever, we are officially offering our exclusive Monument Collection for sale to the public. This collection was designed and developed over the past 20 years through the collaboration of our team with local artists and monument curators to maximize the visual impact of each piece. We are thrilled to be releasing these pieces for public collection and are continuing to develop collections for the future as well.

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Our Specialty Finishing Processes

We use two main finishing processes in our art prints – foil stamping and embossing. Foil stamping is the process of combining heat and pressure to apply a metallic foil to paper to create a decorative visual appearance. Embossing is the process of molding a material, such as paper, with a brass die using extreme pressure. All of our embossing dies are hand-carved by artists and typically take 2 weeks to produce. On average, it takes approximately 300 tons of pressure to emboss our prints.


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Embossed Specialty Printing

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