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Pushing the limits of visual impact is our goal here at Foiled Art Prints. In our exclusive Monument Collection, we combine unique, state-of-the-art finishing processes with American tradition to produce specialized pieces of iconic monuments from America’s history. These pieces have been perfected over the last two decades for private collection and are now available for sale for the first time ever.

Specialty Prints


Showcasing timeless designs using the highest-quality materials, The Monument Collection is the perfect gift for anyone with a place in their heart for America. Whether you are buying for a veteran or a history buff, our prints make for a meaningful gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Unique finishing process

Experts in the specialty finishing industry for over 35 years, we have utilized our highly-demanded foil stamping and embossing specialty finishing processes to enhance our pieces to be more than the typical art print. Each piece features eye-catching, metallic foil and a three-dimensional embossed design to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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Specialty Printing

Why Our Prints Are Different

Foil Stamping & Embossing

The metallic foil stamping and three-dimensional embossing effect are unique to our prints.

Experts in the Industry

We have been perfecting our specialty finishing processes for over 35 years.

Timeless Designs

The Monument Collection is inspired by American history and events from the past 250 years.

The Perfect Gift

Our prints make for memorable, sentimental gifts with timeless value.

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All of our prints are produced locally within Baugh Graphic Finishing House in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer both unframed and framed options for each of our prints. The typical shipping time is 1-3 business days for unframed prints and 3 weeks for framed prints due to each custom frame being made to order.